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Sunday, August 3, 2008, 5:23 am
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Most people who know me well know that I am not a hoarder. If I buy a new shirt or pair of shoes, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will wear it the next day. I’m all about instant gratification. I’ve never been a saver because, hell, it could all end tomorrow and you would have never gotten to see my shiny new red shoes before I left this world! I don’t own a wine rack because it would constantly be empty. If I get a bottle of wine, I will drink it. Not allow it to gather dust.

I share this insight into my personality because when it comes to great design examples, hands-on project ideas, or creative thoughts in general, I am the complete opposite. I am a master hoarder of these things. I have a stockpile of magazines, sketchbooks, catalogs, even old soap wrappers (because I liked the packaging design)…you name it. As you can imagine, this gets overwhelming and the challenge of organizing it all seems insurmountable, especially in a one bedroom apartment.

one of my many hiding places for old magazines that i may NEED someday

one of my many hiding places for old magazines that i may NEED someday

So I’ve decided that this would be a good (and clutter-free) outlet for keeping track of all those ideas floating around out there. Ideas that I wish I had thought of first but will accept as entries into the inspiration vault; which will, in turn, lead to new ideas of my own (that’s the hope, anyway). I plan to share all things creative in terms of design, home decor, crafting, fashion, music, culture….the list is long. I’ll also throw some of my own projects into the mix.

So, hello and welcome.

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