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Wednesday, August 6, 2008, 3:04 am
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I was recently doing some spring cleaning (errr, delayed spring cleaning) and finally took the time to go through all the goodies I had gathered last May at the HOW Design Conference in Boston. The amount of paper and vendors that were concentrated in the Resource Center at the Hynes was staggering. And as many of you may or may not know, paper samples to designers are like crack cocaine. But really nerdy crack cocaine. You can never get enough of it….even after you get home and find that you have no more stashing space to put that shiny new Neenah swatch book that practically made you go over the 50lb suitcase weight limit.

Among the piles was this poster from French Paper:

French Paper | Customer Outreach

French Paper | Customer Outreach

I love this piece because it’s a really well-executed outreach gesture to their customers, which are mostly designers. It’s smart because it sends a powerful message while still showcasing a lovely design. The simple green type pops out of what at first appears to be some kind of background texture but upon closer examination is actually a collection of pink woodland creatures. Weeee!

friendly pink woodland creatures

friendly pink woodland creatures

French is one of my favorites. Their Mod-Tone line is great for personal projects like invitations and greeting cards. Besides, you’ve gotta love a company with gobs of personality in all their communications and who also sends out blow-up Jerry French dolls free with purchase (so what if it’s slightly creepy…I have one on my desk at work and, yes, people tend to stare). They also have quirky, fun merchandise beyond paper.

French Merch

French Merch

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