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Sunday, August 10, 2008, 10:55 pm
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After recently selling my old living room chair on craigslist, I have a very noticable gaping hole in the corner of my room that needs to be filled asap. Beck’s pile of toys and dog bed aren’t cutting it. Ideally I would like something different, possibly Scandinavian-inspired with a wooden frame and arms. One of these chairs from Anthropologie would be ideal….that is, if they weren’t almost $1,500.

Calandria Chair, Mod Garden from Anthropologie

Calandria Chair, Mod Garden from Anthropologie

Calandria Armchair from Anthropologie

Calandria Armchair from Anthropologie

If I could just travel back in time, I would just scavenge my childhood basement for the teak furniture we had in the ’80s. It would be perfect. The chair had a structure like this one but had fancy metal end caps on the arms and cushions upholstered in a loud Hawaiian print.

Scandinavian chair

Scandinavian chair

If I can’t find something Scandinavian-inspired, I’m really up for anything that is unique in style/shape. Here’s another one from Anthro that I love. The unexpected combination of a graphic, modern fabric with an antique frame is pretty great.

Antwerp Chair, Bloom from Anthropologie

Antwerp Chair, Bloom from Anthropologie

Here are a bunch I found in a Google image search….any of these would be a great addition.

a plethora of chairs

a plethora of chairs

I think I’ll be pounding the pavement up in Clintonville next weekend at the antique shops to see if I can find something slightly more reasonable than over 1,000 bones. Wish me luck!

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Check out the antique store in Clintonville that’s on High and a corner street (can’t remember which) that’s on the west side of High. There’s a used car lot across the street. In their mod basement, there are tons of these kinds of chair frames. All you have to do is refinish and make cushions. I’m in the middle of doing one myself (although my frame didn’t come from there).

Comment by Christy

Thanks, Christy! I’ll definitely check that out.

Comment by CK

Those chairs (and matching davenport) were , not teak. They came from Nana and Papa’s porch.

Comment by Your eldest bro

My previous comment was supposed to say “rattan”.

Comment by Your eldest bro

They were Rattan- could have easily been stained the color you wanted. And by the way….. I made those loud Hawaiian print cushions. ha-ha

Comment by Mary Ann Krebbeks

haha! i know you made those, mom…i remember them vividly. they were fantastic! black background with orange and green flowers. thanks for checking in. love ya!

Comment by CK

Those are sitting in a house in Edinboro PA if you are wondering where they are……

Comment by Kimi

You know that chair on the bottom? The right corner? We got 2 of those chairs (or something very like) for five bucks each. They need more stuffing in the cushions, which were kinda rotting — not the outside but the inside — but still. And a friend of mine got two off a curb. So what I’m saying is — YOU CAN FIND ‘EM! They are out there!!

Comment by dawn

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