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Sunday, August 24, 2008, 12:19 am
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I love to see all the modern spins on cuckoo clocks that have become quite popular in recent years. I’m still on the hunt for one that fulfills three qualifications: 1) i love it, 2) it has a real, functioning cuckoo bird, and 3) i can afford it.

All the ones that I would love to call my own are way out of my price range (see below). I did settle for Walmart’s imitation cuckoo made of plexi (#8 in the round-up) but it broke when I was trying to dust. It dropped to the floor and shattered….but it was also only $14 and did not have an operational cuckoo bird. My favorite to date is #1 from Anthropologie. They don’t carry it anymore but even if they did, it would be a pipe dream….ho hum.

modern cuckoos

modern cuckoos

1. Orangita cuckoo clock by Anthropologie from 2007 | Price: $598
2. Gökur Half Time from DesignTorget in Stockholm | Price: 1950 – I assume that’s Euros?
3. Pink Cuckoo Clock by Wake Up Frankie | Price: $13.50
4. Wall hanging cuckoo clock by Decoylab | Price: $28
5. Cuckoo Clock by Tobias Reischle at the MoMA Store | Price: $450
6. Cosine modern cuckoo (sorry, no info)
7. Birdhouse cuckoo clock by SnowHome | Price: $115
8.  Faux cuckoo by Walmart | Price: $14.88
9. The Silos by G. Lacchetti (sorry, no info)
10. Cuckoo Forest Clock by Pascal Tarabay | Price: $399
11. Mod Cuckoo clock by Chia’sso | Price: $88

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My favorite before even looking at the prices was #3, the pink one. Turns out its the el cheapo! Woohoo. BTW-We were at someone’s house and Alice was fascinated with their cuckoo clock. It came out and then she would want it to do it again…uh…honey…you have to wait an hour! Cruel!

Comment by Laura

We have a cuckoo clock from Germany. It needs to be fixed. Not sure if you remember it.

Comment by Mom

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