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Thursday, September 11, 2008, 10:45 pm
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While this blog isn’t really intended for political conversation, I don’t really make it a secret where my loyalties lie this election year. I’m a big Obama supporter and am constantly impressed by not just the amount of Obama merchandise out there, but the quality of the design.

Obama designs are everywhere and they are pretty great.

Obama designs are everywhere and they are great.

(To my Republican friends, please overt your eyes during this portion of the post and proceed to the pretty – and I use that word loosely – McCain shirt I’ve posted for your benefit down below.)

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it: I strongly believe that most “creatives” (i.e., those in a creative field involving design, music, writing, web, what have you) tend to sway Democrat and that is why when you compare the merchandise of the two parties, you’ll see a really drastic difference in aesthetic. There, I said it. Call me a design snob Democrat; I really don’t care. My proof:

Make Mine Barack by Sidedown

Make Mine Barack prints by Sidedown

Retro Obama designs from Xtrapop

Retro Obama designs from Xtrapop

Just 3 of the vast examples available at Cafepress

Just 3 examples from the huge pool at Cafepress

Definitely the most genius site I've seen in awhile. Keep clicking and it spits out different things Barack Obama has done for you!

Definitely the most genius site I've seen in awhile.

Buttons from Democratic Stuff

Buttons from Democratic Stuff

Stickers from Munk One

Stickers from Munk One

Tees from Urban Outfitters

Tees from Urban Outfitters

I don't care who you support; this artwork is beautifully done.

I don't care who you're voting for; you can't deny the talent behind this artwork.

So those are just a few examples….and yes, I realize they skew to a younger audience but I think it’s effective and it’s critical for engaging young voters. Also, check out this article about the Obama brand (courtesy of my friend, seibuone).

And now I bring you the best McCain shirt I could find. Not completely horrible, but I guarantee it was designed in Microsoft Paint. I rest my case.

McCain shirt from Cafepress

McCain shirt from Cafepress

Links to merch above:
Obama collage courtesy of Fubiz
Make Mine Barack
by Sidedown
by Xtrapop
Shirts and bag from Obama section of Cafepress
Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle
Buttons from Democratic Stuff
Stickers from Munk One
Obama graphic tees
from Urban Outfitters
Obama Hope
, 2008 by Shepard Fairey
Progress poster by Scott Hansen
Hope by David Choe and Upper Playground

(really? you want it? okay….fine.) McCain shirt

UPDATE: looks like the girls over at The Scoop share my sentiments.

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I went the traditional route and just got Obama stuff off his website because I know the money will go to fund his campaign. Does all money for this other merchandise go to the campaigin or just the pockets of those creating it? Just curious.

Comment by bethany

good point. not sure…i’d have to look at each one. i know for sure though that 100% of the proceeds from the ‘make mine barack’ prints go directly to the obama campaign.

Comment by CK

I would have preferred hipper stuff, but I am lazy and did not want to look into where the funds went.

Comment by bethany

Couldn’t agree with you more.. on all fronts.

Comment by Brent

[…] stumbled upon Scott’s work when I was researching for my Obama merch post. He is the artist behind the beautiful “Progress” piece. This guy is crazy talented and […]

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