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Thursday, September 18, 2008, 9:03 pm
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I was in Cleveland last weekend visiting my friends and we spent Saturday night in Tremont. The area is slightly similar to Columbus’ Short North arts district but I think it’s still in the early stages of rehabilitation (Clevelanders, correct me if I’m wrong). That said, it has some great small businesses that we had the pleasure of visiting.

Banyan Tree, on Professor Avenue, is a haven for anyone into unique, high-end fashion, home décor items, and jewelry. Featuring such brands as Industry and Orla Kiely, this place would be so dangerous to me if I lived in Cleveland. Banyan is really inspiring. It’s a dream of mine to have a storefront someday that carries unique items (my own designs among them). I would do all the displays myself a la Anthropologie and I’d bring Beck to work with me everyday. Call me ambitious but I hope it’s not just a pipe dream.

Banyan Tree, Tremont

Banyan Tree, Tremont

Banyan Tree also carries jewelry from Minno which is the work from artist Judy Crighton (who I’m pretty sure was (wo)manning the store that evening). You can purchase her stuff on her Etsy store here. I have my eye on this vintage star necklace. UPDATE: It’s mine!

star necklace by Minno

Star necklace by Minno

Next, we stopped at Tremont’s 806 Martini & Wine Bar on Literary Road (P.S. how cool are the street names in Tremont? They are in honor of Cleveland University which once operated in the neighborhood back in the 1800s). 806 had such a great vibe. I felt like I was in NYC, not Cleveland. There were a bunch of private little rooms with crazy furniture (i.e., a zebra print lounging couch) and we called dibs on a purple nook.

806 wine bar, Tremont

806 Martini & Wine Bar, Tremont

stenciled wall at 806

stenciled wall at 806

Fun fact about 806: happy hours go from 4pm to 8:06pm. Clever, no?

For dinner we headed to Lolita (also on Literary), the -less expensive- sister restaurant to Lola’s, both by MIchael Symon.

Lolita's drink menu

Lolita's drink menu

Lolita's brand identity is consistent and lovely

Lolita's brand identity is consistent and lovely

The service, atmosphere, and food were top notch.

Lolita, Tremont

Lolita, Tremont

Lolita, Tremont

Lolita, Tremont

I recommend ordering the Loopy Loopy to drink. Its name is appropriate for the drink is effective.

Loopy Loopy drinks

Loopy Loopy drinks

We ended the evening at South Side, a wonderfully laid back bar with patio seating and this kick-ass mural on one of the neighbor buildings.

South Side, Tremont

South Side, Tremont

So next time you’re in Cleveland, check out Tremont!

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You MUST open this store so I can work there and pretend to be cool. I promise to spend most of my paycheck there. Deal?

Comment by Christina

Done and done! Love it.

Comment by CK

Haven’t been to Tremont in ages. Looks awesome!!

Comment by seibu1

Hello, did you not take my idea seriously! I will cash out my 401(k)s and we can get started.

Comment by bethany

open that store!

Comment by Michelle

OMG, I am salivating over that Loopy Loopy drink. I was going to say something else but it completely overtook my thoughts

Oh yeah-you would rock at owning a cool store! Do eet!

Comment by Laura

[…] Jess L.C. items are available for purchase on her site as well in various boutiques across the country. I was pleasantly surprised (yet not surprised at all) to see her line is carried by Banyan Tree (one of my favorite shops I’ve ever been to) in Tremont. […]

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