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Thursday, October 16, 2008, 8:53 pm
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One of my favorite movie dialogues of all time is from Steel Magnolias between M’Lynn (Sally Field) and Shelby (Julia Roberts).

Shelby: My colors are blush and bashful.
M’Lynn: Your colors are pink and pink.
Shelby: Pink is my signature color.

Love it. While I could make this post into an entire collection of Steel Magnolias lines, I will digress. I thought of blush and blashful when I stumbled upon Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt (sponsored by Pantone, Inc.). You can use Colorstrology to find your “personal birthday color”and your corresponding profile. I’m not real clear on how this is all determined (the pessimist in me sees it as a giant advertisement for Pantone….does said pessimism correspond with my profile? Hmmm…) but it’s fun, nonetheless. Plus, the intro flash movie is beautifully done and I love how the site looks like a giant Pantone color chip. I don’t know how I feel about my supposed “signature color”. I mean, just because I was born in February must I really have something so close to amethyst (a stone I really dislike)?

According to Colorstrology my birthday color is Lavendar Mist (Pantone 16-3307). It’s quite yogurt-esque, no? I am a WRITER, CREATIVE, and EMOTIONAL. Here is my full-blown profile:

You have a unique and private side to your personality and you tend to be emotionally complex. You can grasp ideas and concepts that most people can’t wrap their minds around. You are often able to express yourself in a public forum more readily than on a personal level. Resist any urge to blame yourself or others for any apparent misfortune. This type of thinking will only drain your energy and impede your growth. Your personal color helps you be more objective. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Lavendar Mist lifts your spirit and highlights your talents.

A lot of that is true; however, some of it is not (I loathe public speaking). But perhaps I need to start embracing my signature color so that I can be all that this profile claims me to be (snicker). I shall now increase the yogurt tones in my wardrobe and meditate while eating blueberry Yoplait.

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It looks like the entire congregation has been sprayed down with pepto bismol. Love that movie! Love it- going to do “my colors” now.
I like purple, I think you should try it. Blueberry Yoplait? Ehh, not so much.

Comment by Christina

AM GAGGING! My color is Coral Blush! Never mind, don’t wear purple.

Comment by Christina

My color is “” Hmmm, interesting. Orange is not one of my favorite colors, but I do look good in brights!

However, I also did it for Alice (Pistachio Green)and Blythe (Butterscotch) and their descriptions were eerily accurate.

Comment by Laura

this is pretty cool! my bday profile says i am ‘stylish’…???…me? alittle inaccurate(: my color is pastel lilac – maybe i need to add some of that to my life to become stylish (:

Comment by brittle

I designed a shirt inspired by that line from Steele Magnolias! Love it!

Comment by Wendy

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