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Monday, October 27, 2008, 9:45 pm
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About a month ago I emailed my landlord inquiring about a little yellow cabinet on the balcony above my apartment that appeared to be abandoned through two cycles of tenants. I couldn’t see it in its full glory but knew instantly that it would be perfect in my kitchen. He told me that the new tenants had just moved in and had “already seen it” so he wasn’t sure if they’d be willing to give it up. I figured since the newbies were a couple, a couple that includes a girl who looks around my age, that the cabinet was theirs, no question. That girl was going to be all over it, right?! WELL….contrare, monfrare! Tonight whilst making my Stouffers french bread pizza, my smoke detector started beeping intermittently, which prompted me to go out on my back porch to retrieve my ladder, which led me to…..THIS!

That’s right, the little yellow cabinet was sitting out there waiting for me! I almost felt like one of those yuppy women in the Christmas Lexus commercials who comes outside and her new car is bejeweled with an enormous red bow. I squealed with delight and immediately dragged it in. Well, that’s a lie. I had to attend to the smoke detector first, but that doesn’t sound as romantic! I love it so much. It could use a new coat of paint but quite honestly, if I do repaint it, I think I will keep it yellow. That, or possibly a kelly green or light blue. I could mix it up through the years.

Here’s a little collage of the set-up and what I’m thinking:

1. The cabinet matches the limey yellow that’s in my most favorite table cloth I’ve ever owned. I lusted after it at Anthropologie for months and then one day it was magically on sale.

2. This is my attempt at a tabletop vignette. Those two cookbooks date back to my Nana’s days in the 30s and 40s, and contain choice excerpts such as “Time and your oven await the occasion and the man.” Ha! They are currently serving as decoration but I, of course, have big project plans involving scanning some of the inside pages and doing an original art piece for the wall above.

3. This pig is the cookie jar I grew up with and it now has the perfect perching place. Many a cookie was sneaked from it and my mom was this close to giving it away. No way! It’s mine! For both sentimental value and all around lovely kitchy-ness.

4. The inside view. I plan on keeping my old school Corning Ware pieces in here and some mixing bowls. Those little hooks will be great for hanging up potholders and all the aprons I plan on making (big wink).

5. Surprise, surprise….another project waiting to be finished. This was once an enormous decoupaged canvas I did and I eventually tired of it so I peeled all the paper off and it ended up having this awesome textured, aged look. So now I want to paint something great over top, using the texture as a background. We’ll see how that goes down.

This little cabinet definitely made my day (happy dance).

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Yeah! I just love it when these kinds of things happen. I LOVE it. It’s perfect. Please don’t repaint it.

Comment by Kelly R

I saw this entry on your Facebook page and was all “when did she get that awesome yellow cabinet?” Alas, last night! I knew it wasnt there the last time I came down. I love it and am very jealous. I think I am going to have Bernie pee on it next time we come visit. He is going to mark it as MINE! What a great treat on a Monday!

Comment by bethany

Love it. DON’T paint it, it’s perfect as is. Great post too. I could FEEL the excitement!!

Comment by seibu1

Love it- it’s perfect.

Comment by mom

I aggree. I like the cabinet as is. Especially with the yellow in the table cloth.

And I love the kistchy pig!!

Comment by Condo Blues

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