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Tuesday, November 11, 2008, 11:10 pm
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Yeah, I realize that sounds like the spot where 1960s teens would go to make out but it’s actually one of the projects I just crossed off the list tonight. I painted a corner in my bedroom where I like to post inspirational items. Whether it’s a cool hang tag, a fortune from a cookie that I want to come true, pictures of loved ones, or literally my “board of dreams” (Oprah style) this is where it all lives in a somewhat organized fashion. On the left side I have magnetic strips and on the right I installed cork tiles. I had all this up awhile ago but it was bothering me the way it was. It needed some color to section it off and unify the two walls. I’m pretty happy with how it came out although these pictures make the blue look a bit more smurfy than it really is.



Here’s a collage of some of the items in the corner.


I’m really gung-ho to get the items in my bedroom finished since it has been the room most in need of an intervention plus it’s where I spend most of my time when I’m home because it’s where my computer is. It also gets the best heat flow during the colder months. So I’m scoping out some chartreuse FLOR tiles right now and my next undertaking will involve that which used to look like this…

My beloved Anthro bedroom quilt that was a surprise Christmas gift from my parents a couple years ago

My beloved Anthro bedroom quilt that was a surprise Christmas gift from my parents a couple years ago

…but, thanks to this oh so innocent, neurotic, must-scratch-before-he-lays-down canine,….



…now looks like this.



In case you can’t make it out, here’s a closer look.

disaster detailed

disaster detailed

Don’t worry, he’s still alive although it was touch and go when I returned home from an awesome She & Him show to discover this catastrophe. Let’s just say there were tears. And they were mine. This happened a couple months ago so I’ve cooled off and feel I can now be proactive and actually fix the thing. Wish me luck!

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It looks great. I love that you painted the blue backdrop for it too. Very cute… looks like you have plans for that ball of yard you loaned me?? Dont worry, it has no hope of becoming anything more than that as long as it’s in my hands.
Good luck fixing the quilt.

Comment by Christina

Ha! The board of dreams is back, love it. Seriously, I partially blame Bernie for Beck’s lashing out. He probably egged him on from the doorway.

Comment by bethany

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