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Sunday, November 23, 2008, 6:38 pm
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I have just spent the last hour attempting to hang these tiles I got from Brocade months ago. I am beyond frustrated because I’m trying to hang them so they are flush edge to edge like this:


This is the current state of my tiles:

tiles in disarray

Tiles in disarray

It’s just not happening. Mostly because I don’t have a level. I had gotten two successfully hung, they looked okay close up, but when I backed up I realized they were completely slanted. Grrrrhhhh. So now I have over 8 holes in my wall and because I live in a very old place, the walls are made of plaster. Therefore, every time I drill into them I make an enormous hole (I’m using plastic anchors but that doesn’t really matter if you don’t get the holes exactly right).

This is where I'm attempting to hang the tiles.

This is where I am attempting to hang the tiles

Did you ever see that episode of Friends when Monica can’t figure out what the power switch operates and she ends up making gigantic holes in the wall? That’s what I feel like I’m on course for.

The holes

The holes


Oh, the gigantic holes

I decided to take a break, a deep breath, and document the experience so that I can later laugh about it. Riiiiiiggghhhhht. Or I may just ditch these tiles and find a rather large poster to put over the wall damage I just caused. The reason I’m even more pissed off is because I am trying to cross off a bunch of “little” things from the list and this was supposed to be a little one that would take a half hour tops. Oh, contrare. I’m gonna go walk Beck and come back with a cool head and try again. Stay tuned.

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