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Sunday, December 21, 2008, 11:15 pm
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Just checking in for a quick hello and to shed some light on where I get my ridiculously out of control propensity for crafty projects. Exhibit A:


This is where Mom and I have been spending every free moment since I got into town yesterday, each completing our own Christmas presents for my nieces (she’s tackling doll clothes, I’m making skirts). In case you can’t make it out, that table is holding three  sewing machines, two laptops, and more thread than is ever humanly necessary. Mom’s an expert seamstress and is trying to teach me how to drive her Serger. I know it’s a great machine, but I’m too intimidated to use it.


When I got home yesterday and saw Mom’s set-up taking up the entire dining room I immediately thought “wow, this is genetic.” And obviously it doesn’t get any better, or easier, with age. Two of a kind, I guess. It’s actually pretty great. Being able to spread out and work and not have my parents complain that I’m not spending enough quality time with them. I feel lucky that my mom and I share this passion (er, obsession). Poor Dad has been hanging out in the recliner nodding off to TV and supervising the dogs while Mom’s and my machines hum away. I’ll post pics after Christmas when gifts have been gifted.

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