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Saturday, January 24, 2009, 3:09 pm
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1. Hookmaker wall tiles by Design Glut resemble teacups and hold all your odds and ends.

2. I picked up a small tube of Lollia hand cream (Wish scent) at Anthro last weekend and it’s already almost gone. It works really well and smells like sugar. Mmmm.

3. Love this Fun Skirt by Boden. Too pricey for my budget but cute nonetheless.

4. I am loving these passive aggressive notes by Jack Spade to leave on people’s windshields when they’ve done a craptastic parking job (if you can’t make it out, they say NICE PARKING). I think there needs to be many more sets in a similar vain (i.e., WAY TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG and NICE PUTTING THE TOILET SEAT DOWN).

5. Offensive + Delightful greeting cards are just that: colorful sentiments +  great design. This particular card says “I’ve been such an asshole. Please accept my apologies.”

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Wow, I am loving a few of these. #’s 1,3 & 4. #1 is awesome, that would be great for my kitchen where we drop our stuff when we come in the house- phone, keys, receipts. Much nicer looking than the junk pile on the microwave.
The last boden I got in the mail I went though and earmarked every item I wanted & just for fun added it up, it was something like $1800. That’s totally in my budget! HA! Whaaaa…

Comment by Christina

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