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Sunday, February 15, 2009, 7:16 pm
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This weekend was a major coup on my list. I took a trip to Ikea yesterday on a mission to get a KVARTAL track/panel system to separate my front room from my living room. I did actually get what I went for, but a few other items snuck into my cart. Not sure how that happened. My thinking behind this divider was originally to help insulate my living room from the freezing front room during the winter months. As you can see, I definitely picked form over function when landing on my decision for which panels to get. These provide no insulation whatsoever (they have miniature holes in the fabric) but they were too pretty to pass up. They were hell to install and after I finished I wasn’t sure if I liked them. But I’ve decided I do…I’m just not sure on those gigundo curtain rods. They distract my eye. I think I’ll live with them for awhile and see how I feel in a couple weeks.

My favorite purchase from Ikea was this OFELIA throw blanket. It’s white (which I’m discovering is becoming a “pop” color in my living room, if that’s possible) and it’s super spongey and girly. I figured in the future when I’m old and hitched I won’t be able to have such girly decorations so better enjoy it now, right?

And the biggest victory this weekend is my new coffee table! Yes, the hunt is over. I was going to get something at Ikea but I wasn’t loving anything; and I had to love it. I was drooling over the Seguro coffee table from Crate and Barrel but $700?! I think not. I emailed that one along with this one from West Elm to Christina (I was email stalking her with coffee table choices) and decided to take a peak on Craigslist for the hell of it. Low and behold, listed on 2/12 was the very same C&B Seguro coffee table in excellent condition for less than half the original price! Can we talk about fate for just a second? What are the odds? Christina and I went and picked it up after lunch today and it is perfect. It has made my room so much cozier and the different wood tones pull everything together. Now I just need to get going on my chairs and I will finally have a completed living room. It’s only taken two years! Definitely worth the wait.

This weekend's victories.

This weekend's victories: coffee table, Ikea throw blanket, KVARTAL panel system

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Very Shi-shi. I love it. Can’t wait to see it in person.
What a bargain hunter. I’m impressed!
luv, mom

Comment by Mom! Chop, it looks great. I have all this stuff earmarked at West Elm for when I move. I will certainly need your assistance when decorating.

Comment by bethany

I need to install this curtain track system in my apt. to hide my stackable laundry. How difficult is it? Do I need a drill?

Comment by Rhianna

Hi, Rhianna

It’s not that difficult as long as you have a bit of patience (it took me forever only because I didn’t think it through). Yes, you’ll definitely need a drill and pick up the saw and miter box IKEA carries if you need a custom size. It’s pretty easy to saw down. Good luck!

Comment by CK

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