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Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 8:28 pm
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I’m suffering from a major inspiration deficiency this week so I decided to take a look at an inspiration journal I used to keep back in the day, circa 2002. It’s a thick red book with graph paper pages but is only about a quarter of the way full (guess I wasn’t too inspired back then or, more likely, I forgot I had the thing).


I used to cut stuff out of magazines and catalogs that impressed me. It was a lot like what I do here but the old school way with scissors, tape and colored pencils. Some things haven’t changed. I still appreciate things like these that are in there:

Ghost Chairs by Kartell

Ghost Chairs by Kartell

Freitag bags

Freitag bags

redesign of Schroeder milk bottles

redesign of Schroeder milk bottles

However, other entries I’m coming across I’m thinking “what’s so great about that?!” and realizing how much my tastes have changed (I like to think they’ve improved). I have clippings of some really typical Crate & Barrel bookcases, nothing at all special about them; random footwear from a J.Jill catalog that looks much too old for a 20-something year old; and uber modern furniture that just doesn’t appeal to me anymore (think Jetsons).

It’s kind of cool to look back and see what I used to be attracted to but also kind of frightening in that looking-at-teenage-photos kind of way (“what was I thinking wearing a shirt that was 10 times too big for me?”). I assume I will do the same exercise with this site in a few years and be horrified that I got those hideous room dividers. Hee.


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