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Thursday, October 29, 2009, 9:20 pm
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I am so giddy right now. Lauryn just emailed me some preview photos of the letterpressed cards for our collaboration I mentioned a couple weeks ago. They came out GREAT!!! Eva at Sycamore Street Press did an awesome job (also props to her for these photos). I couldn’t be happier with how the design translated to letterpress. I want to eat them up and that’s just from seeing these pictures. I can’t wait to run my hands over them. Down, girl.


Lauryn still has holiday sessions available for booking so be sure to contact her to set something up (she’s awesome at what she does, trust me). You can also purchase the cards alone and put an existing 4×6 print on them. Again, contact Lauryn and she can fill you in on pricing, etc.

Woo hoo!!! I’m so excited.

Sunday, October 25, 2009, 10:01 pm
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I realize that I always post something when I receive the latest CB2 catalog, but I can’t help it. There’s usually at least one thing in there that I’m craving after the initial flip through.


CB2 Holiday Catalog (love this cover shot)

I know that everything in the catalog is mass produced, but CB2 does an awesome job at offering products that don’t LOOK manufactured. Here are two items that I think could pass as found objects you’d see at an antique shop.

spoke mirror

spoke mirror

print block panel

print block panel

The bicycle spoke mirror is a bit more reasonably priced at $59.95. The print block panels are kinda crazy at $249 a piece and it seems like you need at least a couple to make a visual impact. And, CB2, I am STILL waiting for my coveted track brass wall strips to go on sale. Consider yourselves on notice.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 10:35 pm
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five faves 24

1. Alison Rose has a new Ohio tee now available featuring this old fashioned bicycle. It’s so adorable and I love how it could either be interpreted as Ohio or just “hi”. Might have to pick one up at Tiny Canary next month.

2. Sloan Photographers is made up of the dynamic duo, husband and wife team, Matt and Angie Sloan. Their work is dream-like and their manifesto is endearing:

Sloan Photographers:
is Matt + Angie Sloan.
is sometimes too funny and quirky.
is hopeless romantics.
is a radtastic duo.
is happily married for 8 yrs.
is blessed with two perfect and cute kids: Maddux (3) & Paisley (1).
is also blessed with two perfect dogs: Rocko & Bella.
is in love with “Pop Culture” and Twilight!
is so blessed.
is best friends.
is in love with the realness of photography.
is sometimes cooler than we think.
is always smiling.
is wanting to conquer the world with rad photos!
is happy!

I didn’t feature any of their shots here because I couldn’t pick just one from the bunch. Instead, I chose to feature their sweet logo. Please take the time and browse through their portfolio here. (via Christina Likes)

3. MOO provides such a great solution for impromptu business cards on a budget with their MiniCard offering. I love these things. I finally went through my own stack of personal calling cards and placed an order today for ones that reflect my new biz setup. They are an awesome value at $19.99 for 100 cards and you can do up to 100 different designs (on the backs). I did 5 designs, which translates to 20 of each so I can decide which design I give to who. I also couldn’t resist picking up one of these cute felt holders (I got the turquoise).

4. I came across Joy Paperie quite awhile ago and had bookmarked this gift wrap because I loved it so much. I’m glad I was just combing through some of my old links and it resurfaced. I’m not sure if I’m more drawn to the color combo of this Raspberry Giraffe print, or the graphics themselves. Perhaps I’m drawn to it in particular today because my big brother is leaving for Kenya in less than 48 hours and I have safari animals on the brain.

5. Holly over at Decor8 did her 2010 Calendar Roundups last week and while there were many I was drawn to, I am completely smitten with the one by Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar. The random sayings on each page double as the month name when certain letters are highlighted in a different color. I think my favorite is “OCTAGON, BE NICER” for the month of October. Check out their archives for more amusement.

Friday, October 16, 2009, 9:48 am
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I’m excited to share a recent collaboration with my friend and colleague, photographer Lauryn Byrdy. Lauryn is currently booking holiday sessions and included in each package is a set of letterpress cards, which she asked me to design. We are in the middle of getting them ordered but here is a rendering of what they will look like.


I think all those JOYs are going to look amazing letterpressed! We are using Sycamore Street Press based in Utah (formerly Columbus) for the printing. The photo can be removed for framing and you still get a fun card to display throughout the holiday season.


View more of Lauryn’s work here. She is truly talented.

Monday, October 12, 2009, 9:51 pm
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My friend Regan recently hired me to do some custom work for her awesome condo. I installed everything today and I am so happy with how it all came out (exhale). Let’s just say this girl has some amazing taste and my heart was skipping a few beats as I was tearing the original trim off of her Anthropologie lamp shade and cutting into the Amy Butler fabric. There was no room for error here cuz she went top notch all the way. It was totally worth it as the pictures speak for themselves.

custom curtains_1——————————————————————-
custom curtains_2


custom curtains_3

Knowing that I had never before recovered a lamp shade nor made a Roman shade in my life, I adopted the philosophy patented by my mother of “Ehhh, I’ll figure it out.” If it hadn’t been for the interwebs, that lamp shade probably would have come out quite different. (“Regan, it’s ABSTRACT.”)

I did figure out the Roman shades on my own, doing some close investigation of the IKEA ones I have in my bedroom. I will post a step-by-step tutorial on that soon. In the mean time, if you need a good visual tutorial for the lamp shade, this is what I used. Word of advice: do not attempt to use spray adhesive on a lightweight piece of fabric outside on one of the windiest days of the season.

Fabrics used:
Amy Butler’s Floating Buds in Grey
Alexander Henry’s Birdsong in Multi
Joel Dewberry’s Bloom in Sand

Sunday, October 11, 2009, 5:13 pm
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T minus 6 days until the 2009 Craftin’ Outlaws alternative craft fair here in Columbus and I am so bummed I cannot attend. Please tell me you’ll all go in my place and report back with all the fun finds you get. This year’s is being held at a different venue (The Lodge Bar) but I’m sure promises to be just as wonderful as years past.


It’s free admission and swag bags will be distributed to the first 100 attendees so get in line before the doors open at 11! Also, be sure to LOOK inside your swag bags because usually the vendors have put coupons in there for your day of shopping (I learned that lesson the hard way). Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009, 8:55 am
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I don’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but I was so excited to discover that my home town of Rochester, NY has an indie market called Second Storie. From their web site, it seems pretty comparable to my beloved Columbus-based annual indie design market, Tiny Canary. A shopping experience centered on unique, crafty, independent artists. I’m so psyched to attend Second Storie’s event over Thanksgiving weekend (11/28 & 11/29) while I’m in town visiting my family.


I love discovering stuff like this and seeing the indie movement spread across the country. Second Storie is also hosting a screening of Handmade Nation that same Friday to kick things off. (Hopefully my family won’t mind not really seeing much of me that weekend!)

SS_webWay to go, Roch-cha-cha!

P.S. I love their site set-up with the Polaroids. Super cute.

Thursday, October 1, 2009, 7:43 pm
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five faves 23

1. I hope that you’ll click through to read about and see more of this really smart double wedding invitation (my little thumbnail does not do it justice). I love the train ticket look and feel and it just makes sense for having two ceremonies on two different continents. Inventive, practical yet still beautiful and sophisticated. (via 100 Layer Cake)

2. I’ve had my eye on this Crate & Barrel felt pillow for months, waiting for it to go on sale. It’s one of my favorite colors and would go perfectly in my living room on one of my salvaged chairs. (It would also cover up the rushed job I did on the bottom cushion of said chair.)

3. The uber famous Dooce had posted this Grizzly Bear fan video awhile back, but I just had to bring it to all of your attention again because it is brilliantly done. This is the kind of stuff that inspires me like mad. Here, I’m just gonna embed it (see below).

4. I’m working on some custom curtains for a friend of mine and I am absolutely in love with the print she chose for her kitchen Roman shade (you done good, girl). She purchased it at a local Columbus shop called Sew to Speak that I am now dying to check out. I’m just scared of the possible damage I could do in there.

5. My friend and colleague, Lauryn Byrdy, has also decided to go out on her own; however, her expertise is photography. She’s super talented and so passionate about what she does; constantly inspiring me to go after it. Lauryn recently had a pet portrait session at Columbus doggie daycare The City Dog and the shots that she got are adorable. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s able to capture the essence of a dog’s personality. I know this particular dog personally and, I have to say, that’s Elli through and through. See more of Lauryn’s work here.