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Sunday, April 5, 2009, 9:35 am
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After reading Holly’s sixth installment of her Creativity Series, I have self-diagnosed myself with Analysis Paralysis. The definition, according to Wiktionary:


This post resonated with me like crazy. Word for word, it clearly illustrates my major hold-up with following through on most of my ideas; more specifically, opening my own Etsy shop. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but I tend to run myself in circles with over-analyzing everything until I eventually just get burnt out and give up. Then the cycle starts back up again. I am a self-admitted serial idea-ist. I love this passage in particular:

The Analysis Paralysis way: Spend an unreasonable amount of time researching websites, pricing, competition, etc. Look at competitors thinking their work is somehow better. Explore every single website ever invented on planet earth to see where work should be sold. Then explore Mars. And maybe the Moon too. Next, proceed to get all stressed out over the potential that the idea could be stolen once it’s online. Worry that no one will like you. Worry that some kid may swallow your doll and die, you will get sued, and your life will be ruined. Read tons of books, blogs and websites on how to launch a small business online. Start thinking that maybe you should also sell your t-shirts and gocco prints. Start researching gocco paint and where you can purchase it for the best price. Spend more weeks on that. Then realize you really only want to sell your dolls. End result: months and months spent over analyzing everything and in the end, you still have no idea what website you want to go with to sell your dolls. Or worse, you see dolls much like yours in a brand new web shop that people are literally going bonkers over, they can’t keep ‘em stocked, and you think you are a total loser for sitting on the idea for so long. You’re not a loser, you are just giving something that doesn’t require so much legwork way to much time to cook. Newsflash! You may be over cooking your idea.

So after many months of over cooking my ideas, I’ve decided to really make a go of it. One step at a time I will pursue this Etsy shop. Small at first, of course, and just see where it goes. Between this and the pretending post along with many other indications, I’m not sure how many kicks in the ass I can possibly ignore.

Monday, February 2, 2009, 10:57 pm
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Whenever I go into antique shops I’m always on the lookout for an oversized, authentic, vintage metal letter C to put up on my wall. I don’t want one that’s mass-produced to look authentic. I want one that looks as if it fell right off of a 1950s marquis.