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Sunday, January 18, 2009, 11:20 pm
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While my space here on the internet is more of an inspiration journal than a personal blog, I have been tagged by Advergirl to do a 7 things about me post so I’m changing it up a bit, just this one time. In turn, I’ll be tagging 7 other bloggers to do the same. And so I give you 7 random things about me.

7-things-about-me_1When I was little I had two standby hairdos: bowl cut and pigtails with bowl cut bangs (a hybrid that looked like a mullet when it was down). Also around this time I was convinced that E.T. was under my bed at night and that was a very scary thing (but wasn’t E.T. nice?).


A pretty tragic fact: I’ve only been to the states in dark blue marked on the map above. That’s right, nothing west of the Mississippi with the exception of a 15 minute across-the-bridge trek from Memphis to Arkansas. Every year I tend to go to the same standby destinations and they just happen to be on the East coast. I definitely want to visit Seattle and San Fransisco someday but I’m much more interested in traveling across the pond to Europe.


I love to dance. If I could start all over I’d pursue dancing until I was too old and decrepid to continue and THEN go into the design field.

7-things-about-me_4I’ve been saying I’m going to move to NYC for years. I’ve yet to do it and not sure I ever will but, damn, I love that city.

7-things-about-me_5I’m thinking about undergoing hypnosis to treat my oversensitive senses, mostly my hearing although my nose is pretty keen as well. Any repetitive noise (i.e., pen clicking), smacking noise (i.e., people who make love to their food), heavy breathers, soup slurpers, ice crunchers, gum poppers, corn on the cob crunchers……oy, the list goes on. Let’s just say I cannot bear the sounds of these things and it’s all I can focus on when I encounter them. It’s very distracting and I realize I need to get over it but I just can’t. Maybe I need a desensitizing exercise like they do with OCD people on Oprah. Set up some big speakers next to my ears as people take turns making disgusting sounds into a microphone for 24 hours straight.

7-things-about-me_6Clowns scare the crap out of me. Not mimes, but the Bozo kind. I think it stems from seeing Poltergeist as a small child.


I’ve had two recurring dreams as long as I can remember. The first is one of those short dreams before you really fall asleep. It’s simple and straightforward but always makes me jolt awake in a spasm with arms flailing. I am walking down a staircase and the stairs start to fall out from under me so I have nothing to step on. That’s it. Exciting, huh? My second recurring dream started when I was little. I own this flying machine. I’m not sure HOW it flies since it’s basically just a metal box with a front and back bench in it (no wings on the thing) but I wheel it out of my childhood home garage and take the neighborhood kids for rides in it. I still have this dream. It’s pretty great.

Wasn’t that enlightening? Ha. It was actually fun to do so thanks, Leigh.

Okay, here’s who I tag. No pressure though.

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