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Monday, June 15, 2009, 7:59 pm
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For the final part of my Brooklyn series, I wanted to share a list of all the places I ate. Every bite of food I consumed the entire weekend was amazing. Thankfully I also walked about 30 miles so I don’t feel guilty for gorging. Kind of.



The Treats Truck: One chocolate chipper to go at Renegade and I was set until lunch. Delicious and I love their identity work and collateral.

Taco Truck at Union Pool: We stopped here for some afternoon Mexicalis and some tacos from the taco truck on the back patio (I strongly recommend the shrimp taco). This bar used to be a pool supply store and it has retained that vintage feel. Very charming and I hear they have a photo booth.

The Brooklyn Star: Serving up Southern style comfort food, The Brooklyn Star was a cozy little haunt. I ordered the mac ‘n’ cheese (bacon added please) and it came in a sizzling mini skillet. Really good and, yeah, I ate the whole thing. Drinks were served in mason jars which is always a hit with me.



Urban Rustic: I didn’t have anything fancy here; just a bagel with cream cheese and a strawberry smoothie. But the inside of the place is worth checking out. Old wood shelves line the giant walls from floor to ceiling with a ladder to access the out of reach stuff. Urban Rustic is both a cafĂ© and a market, specializing in organic, sustainable food.

Caracas Arepa Bar: Wow, I had never had an arepa before but now that I know what one is, I’m in love. This little flavor-filled pocket was small enough to hold in my hands but so satisfying. I had a La PelĂșa, which is shredded beef with cheddar cheese. For my drink I ordered a Camburada, which is a banana milk shake with a touch of cinnamon. Soooo good.

Roberta’s: This place is responsible for serving me my best meal of the year (so far but I will be shocked if it gets topped). I’ve never experienced such flavorful food and because we had a large party and because my hosts knew the chefs, we got to try a lot of different things. Although Roberta’s is called a pizza place, they serve way more than that (and are great at it too). We had two kinds of salads, a cheese plate, a meat plate, pizzas, calzones, pastas, fried chicken, pork chops, mushrooms, pork TONGUE (yes, I had tongue and it was tasty), and plenty of red wine to wash it all down. I couldn’t recommend this place more if you’re ever in Brooklyn. The produce they use is grown up on the roof. Talk about knowing where your food is coming from! I also hear they have a great brunch… time.



Almondine: A charming little bakery located in DUMBO, I picked up an almond croissant and an iced chai latte on Monday morning. Yeah, I realize that I basically had dessert for breakfast. Hey, I was on vacation!

Foragers Market: What a great carry-out market. It reminded me of a micro neighborhood version of Whole Foods. I picked up one of their premade sandwiches and a bag of dill pickle potato chips and both delivered on flavor and satisfaction.