Creative Envy

Sunday, November 2, 2008, 5:55 pm
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Remember how I’ve been on the lookout for a living room chair with a specific style? Well, I’m pretty sure the furniture gods are smiling down upon my fiscal diet because today for the second time within the past 7 days, I received the perfect piece(s) free of charge!

I was doing some antique browsing in Clintonville with C and her little man. We were having lunch at the Corner Stone CafĂ© when little N started holding his breath and looking a bit red in the face. He was definitely working on something. As a result, we made a pit-stop at C’s car so we could change his pants. I was scouting for a trash can so we could dispose of the dipe but couldn’t find one so we ventured behind one of the antique shops for a dumpster and what do we find? Only about 10 chair frames in various states of disrepair, but all in the style that I have been looking for! Ahhhhh!

We went inside the shop so I could inquire about the chairs and the clerks said that they weren’t theirs and had been sitting out back forever. Mine for the taking! I love how honest people are. I’m sure drive-byers assumed they belonged to the antique shop so they went untouched. Or like C said, people probably didn’t want to bother with all the work that would need to be done to them.

I weeded through the stack and found the two that looked to be in the best shape. Granted, they need some TLC and they’re a bit more “low rider” than what I was looking for. And yeah, I really only needed one for my living room but I know I can find a use for the second one. HELLO, they were free and two could fit in my car! Done. I realize that this just adds to my neverending project list, but I couldn’t resist them. Who knew that a dirty diaper could lead to such treasures? I think N might be my new good luck charm!

By the way, I’m hopeful that part three of this story will be in 2008 and NOT in 2009 or 10.