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Sunday, December 7, 2008, 4:37 pm
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The amount of time I’ve spent over the past week on decorating my apartment for Christmas is kind of ridiculous, especially considering that I rarely have people over nor am I hosting any kind of holiday party. I do it for myself to enjoy because Christmas is my favorite time of year. I’ve been listening to Sounds of the Season on my digital cable nonstop. I’m sure Beck is ready to strangle himself with garland. I’ll most likely have a couple more posts around this subject both having to do with decorating and gift wrapping.

First up, my tree. It’s fake (as you can probably tell from the skinny exposed pole at the bottom that will eventually be covered up by presents). This year I didn’t want to use the same boring ornaments so I decided to take a stab at replicating something I saw in September when I was in NYC. My inspiration came from a window display at (shocker) Anthropologie.

Anthropologie, Manhattan 9.08

Anthropologie, Manhattan 9.08

Anthropologie, Manhattan 9.08

Anthropologie, Manhattan 9.08

Anthropologie, Manhattan 9.08

Anthropologie, Manhattan 9.08

I love this display because they’ve taken a bunch of simple paper products and turned them into something truly unique and pretty breathtaking. So my scaled down version uses coffee filters, baking cups in 3 different sizes, and the bottoms of Dixie cups.


I used mostly white baking cups but mixed in some of the foil ones. I also sporadically colored the inside bottoms of some. They’re strung using a needle and thread which, yes, was extremely tedious, but I thought using a stapler might make them tear and I wasn’t sure if it would give me the ability to manipulate them as much.



Although it may look like it, this isn’t one continuous chain. It’s a bunch of different sections because after about two feet of stringing them together, it would get extremely awkward to work with. Plus the paper is so delicate it’s easy to rip them. While it would have been nice to have a real tree, it was definitely advantageous to have a fake one so I could bend the branches to accommodate the chain and tuck certain portions in. I decided that since the garland is such a focal point and takes up so much space on the tree, I don’t need to add any ornaments. I do want a tree topper, which I’m working on so I’ll post more pictures once that’s on.

While I’m okay with no traditional ornaments on my tree, I was kinda bummed not to put up the ornaments I love or that have special meaning to me. As a solution, I decided to string them up as garland on one of my mantels.



I have another Anthropologie-inspired idea I will be starting this week as well as the crocheted snowflakes I’m almost done with. I know, I know….it’s a sickness that I have. I think I’ll have to keep all this stuff up until February given all the time I will have spent on it by the time Christmas rolls around.