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Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 9:14 pm
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I’m back from vacation and kind of refreshed in that I-feel-like-I-never-left kind of way. While I was in Florida, my sister and I took my nephew to see Coraline. We didn’t see the 3D version unfortunately, but there is plenty of visual stimulation jam-packed into the film in its regular format to keep you entertained (and the story’s not bad either). I’ve spent a solid hour tonight exploring the website and I’m still not done. There are so many nooks and crannies to investigate and you can definitely get lost, realizing you’ve just spent 30 minutes picking out the perfect button eyes for you and your dog.



I know, kinda creepy but great at the same time. I love how the button kit opens to reveal all the little compartments. And the site allows you to save your images to your computer or publish them immediately to Facebook or MySpace. The site has all kinds of interactive surprises to play with. You can spell your name with the Bobinsky acrobatic mice,


download some sweet posters and wallpapers for your desktop (the overall aesthetic of Coraline is lovely, isn’t it?),

coraline_posterswallpaperand view galleries and movies of how Coraline came to life. The most intriguing individual to me is the woman who knits miniature sweaters using needles as thin as human hairs. Whaaaaaat? And I thought those snowflakes were challenging!

Overall, I’m just in awe of  the detail in every aspect of Coraline and the dedication to making almost everything by hand. Unreal.

I downloaded the film’s soundtrack this afternoon. It makes great background music for working on the computer….or for sewing on buttons (insert evil laugh here).