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Saturday, September 20, 2008, 1:57 pm
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Has anyone else been noticing Crate & Barrel’s recent shift to a more traditional style a la Pottery Barn? It’s frustrating me. I’ve always enjoyed C&B’s clean lines and simple fabrics but lately they’ve gone down a different road. Dare I say country-inspired? Their colors aren’t as bright and vivid and they are using prints that aren’t as modern or geometric as in the past. What’s going on? I know Pottery Barn is popular but it’s never been my cup of tea. Here are some pages from Crate & Barrel’s Fall 2008 catalog which, if I hadn’t seen its cover, I would have assumed it was from PB:

And I have noticed that Pottery Barn has been shifting slightly more towards what C&B used to be. Is this some kind of messed up trading places in the retail world? Can you tell which of the following are Pottery Barn and which are Crate & Barrel? I wouldn’t be able to if I hadn’t done it myself.

Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn?

Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn?

Has my perception of Crate & Barrel just been off for all these years?

1. Crate & Barrel
2. Pottery Barn
3. Pottery Barn
4. Crate & Barrel
5. Pottery Barn
6. Pottery Barn
7. Pottery Barn
8. Crate & Barrel
9. Crate & Barrel
10. Crate & Barrel
11. Pottery Barn
12. Crate & Barrel
13. Crate & Barrel
14. Pottery Barn
15. Crate & Barrel
16. Pottery Barn
17. Pottery Barn