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Sunday, August 24, 2008, 12:19 am
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I love to see all the modern spins on cuckoo clocks that have become quite popular in recent years. I’m still on the hunt for one that fulfills three qualifications: 1) i love it, 2) it has a real, functioning cuckoo bird, and 3) i can afford it.

All the ones that I would love to call my own are way out of my price range (see below). I did settle for Walmart’s imitation cuckoo made of plexi (#8 in the round-up) but it broke when I was trying to dust. It dropped to the floor and shattered….but it was also only $14 and did not have an operational cuckoo bird. My favorite to date is #1 from Anthropologie. They don’t carry it anymore but even if they did, it would be a pipe dream….ho hum.

modern cuckoos

modern cuckoos

1. Orangita cuckoo clock by Anthropologie from 2007 | Price: $598
2. Gökur Half Time from DesignTorget in Stockholm | Price: 1950 – I assume that’s Euros?
3. Pink Cuckoo Clock by Wake Up Frankie | Price: $13.50
4. Wall hanging cuckoo clock by Decoylab | Price: $28
5. Cuckoo Clock by Tobias Reischle at the MoMA Store | Price: $450
6. Cosine modern cuckoo (sorry, no info)
7. Birdhouse cuckoo clock by SnowHome | Price: $115
8.  Faux cuckoo by Walmart | Price: $14.88
9. The Silos by G. Lacchetti (sorry, no info)
10. Cuckoo Forest Clock by Pascal Tarabay | Price: $399
11. Mod Cuckoo clock by Chia’sso | Price: $88