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Thursday, April 2, 2009, 9:14 pm
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1. Check out these pet beds made out of old suitcases by Etsy shop Vintage Renaissance. Pretty brilliant.

2. Ruby over at Cakies has come up with a great use for all her leftover scrap fabric. She’s cranked out a bunch of braided scrap necklaces recently and they are available to purchase in her Etsy shop.

3. These ads for eco-friendly Ben paint by Benjamin Moore are so fantastic. Cramer-Krasselt is the agency behind them. This one reads:

I like the color of someone that’s been hitting the tanning bed a little too hard. You know when they stay an extra 15 minutes under the lights. So imagine that and the middle part of a candy corn having a love child. That’s the color I want in my kitchen. (Golden Nugget)

4. I’m in love with Columbus-based artist Jill Gallenstein’s pen and ink drawing entitled “from nothing”. Beautiful stuff.

5. My friend recently introduced me to Lisa Hannigan’s album Sea Sew. Her music is lovely and right up my alley. She reminds me of a more mello, folksier Feist but there are definite parallels, especially when I watched a couple of her videos. Apparently Lisa handstitched the album art for her CD (that’s kick-ass in my book) and you should really check out her video for I Don’t Know. It’s worth watching the entire thing to see the magic she creates by the end of it. Gotta love a crafty girl!

Saturday, March 28, 2009, 4:48 pm
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1. I’m considering making this DIY deer head from Dorm Decor (via Made by Girl). All you need is the pattern, foam core, patterned paper, and some X-acto skills. Check.

2. This site is one of the most touching things I’ve ever seen. Days with My Father by Phillip Toledano documents his last days with his dad who has just lost his wife and has no short-term memory. Beautifully done. Hover over the left edge of the photo and you’ll quickly figure out the site navigation. (via Le Love)

3. I knew I had seen Michele Maule’s work before and after looking through my archives I found that I had indeed posted about her at the end of Tiny Art. I discovered her Etsy shop this morning. Love her style.

4. Zoe Murphy’s work in printed furniture and textiles had me captivated for a better part of this morning. I would love to own this dresser.

5. Improv Everywhere has done it again. This event involved turning a NYC subway station into a gallery experience, complete with cellist, a wine bar, and a coat check. Here’s the video documentation:

Thursday, March 12, 2009, 9:34 pm
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1. I received this Apivita wood fragrance for my birthday and it’s quite lovely. It’s for both men and women and its ingredients include cedar wood, sandalwood, bergamot, clary sage, and geranium oils.

2. The wonderfully talented Kathleen of Grosgrain sews original outfits that she gives away for free on her site to lucky readers. Normally she gives away little girls’ clothes, but lately she’s been showcasing women’s. I love this Sunday laundry shirt dress.

3. Etsy storefront Suspect Shoppe sells the art work of Mati Rose McDonough. This darling Navy Lucky Elephant print would be pretty great in a little kid’s room…or in mine.

4. I love this whimsical garden chair from Anthropologie (High-Wire Act Chair, Scoubj).

5. The other day at work I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out so I downloaded a couple of Car Talk podcasts. I find Click and Clack’s Boston accents and constant chuckling while giving car advice to be totally comforting. The show reminds me of long drives back home to Rochester on sunny Saturday mornings. Love those Tappet brothers!

Thursday, March 5, 2009, 7:32 pm
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This is usually the day I post my Five Faves of the week; however, seeing as how I’m not feeling super inspired this week (see previous entry), I decided to feature my ultimate favorite, Sir Beck. I just now took this picture of him, which is a pretty great representation of my attitude over the past several days (and his). I’m gonna go cuddle up with my neglected dog and put a dent in Breaking Dawn. Five Faves will return next week. Promise.


Thursday, February 19, 2009, 11:01 pm
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1. Misprint Kitchen Messages from Viva Terra. I realize I was just preaching the other week about how I want an authentic, vintage metal letter C for my wall and not anything mass produced; but even though these are available in multiples, according to the site, these letters are “fashioned from rejected cans and containers.” Therefore, they are acceptable in my book.

2. In the latest issue of ReadyMade, the “I Made This!” section features a chalkboard wine rack that is genius. Sol Kawage of Italy built it using off-the-shelf drainage pipes enclosed in a fiberboard case, and coated the front with chalkboard paint.

3. I recently purchased one of Etsy seller Accessoire’s flower broaches for a dear friend’s birthday gift (not this one in particular, although I love it too). Their products are really well made, my friend loved hers, and best of all, you’re supporting independent artists.

4. Color Me Katie is on my blogroll and it should be on yours too. This girl is fun, quirky, and a complete original. She is a Brooklyn-based freelance photographer and is also involved with NYC’s Improv Everywhere group.

5. After arriving home from work, I was lugging my bags from my car kind of in a grumpy huff because it was bitterly cold and windy and I was still venting from some previous road rage. I opened my back storm door to find the most magical Amazon box I’ve ever seen (clouds parting, sun shining, angels  singing). A box I knew was just the right size for THE book I’ve been wanting for two years. Mmm-hmmm… parents (God love’em) read my blog and know to look on my wish list when deciding what to get me for my birthday (which is this Saturday…gulp. Aging). I bring you….my new baby: Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life by Todd Oldham.


The timing of this couldn’t be better since I finally got my coffee table and it needed something to adorn it. It came in this adorable white and black box with more of Harper’s illustrations on it.



Thursday, February 12, 2009, 9:39 pm
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1. Sara of KC & Sara created this mini gallery of her favorite wedding candids using some old furniture parts to frame it in. I love the simplicity of this and the ease of changing it out whenever she feels like it.

2. Dreaming of summertime and loving this yellow dress by Max Studio.

3. Jennifer over at Made by Girl has these great new butterfly prints (two of the butterflies are fabric) for sale on her Etsy storefront. Looks like they’re going fast cuz a few days ago there were a lot more listed! Awesome, Jennifer!

4. I spotted the album art of M. Ward’s soon to be released album Hold Time in the pages of ReadyMade magazine and instantly fell in love with the design. I decided to investigate further since Mr. Ward is half of one of my favorite musical duos, She & Him (with Zooey Deschanel). His website is pretty slick and I previewed Hold Time here. Good stuff. It comes out February 17th. It will be mine.

5. I felt the need to give Valentine’s Day some kind of shout-out since it is two days away by sharing one of the blogs I subscribe to, Le Love. They describe their site much better than I could: dedicated to romantic, sweet, lovey dovey, sexy and heart fluttering images. Hope all of your V-Days are lovey, dovey. I’m spending mine at Ikea scoping out some sexy curtains. Meow. ♥

Thursday, January 29, 2009, 9:39 pm
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1. Love these coat hooks made out of billiard balls in the home of Brazilian entrepreneur Doris Sochaczewski (via her home/shop tour on Made by Girl).

2. New Jersey Etsy shop Liesl Made offers up these original coasters made from sewing patterns. (via Dooce)

3. This little end table would go great in my….okay, so I have no room for it but I still would love to own it. Perhaps in my future dream home. (Also via Made by Girl: Jane Schouten’s home in the Netherlands – whoa, I could flip through these Flickr photos for hours on end.)

4. The Daily Show is referring to the current Blagojevich absurdity as “Scumdog Million-hairs”. Completely brilliant.

5. Beautiful Trina Turk/Schumacher outdoor fabric print, Super Paradise. (via Decor8)