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Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 7:39 pm
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Thanks to seibuone for pointing me to a recent Columbus Underground podcast where two resident craft superstars talk about the indie, handmade community here in the Cbus. You can listen to Olivera Bratich of Wholly Craft and Amy Dalrymple of AmyD here.


They discuss valuable resources that are accessible to any crafter here in town as well as some upcoming events. One that I had never heard of but plan on attending, Agora 6, is on May 16 at Junctionview Studios (the same site of my favorite annual indie market, Tiny Canary). Here are some links to the events they discussed:

Agora 6 – May 16
Comfest – June 26-28
Handmade Expo at the Ohio State Fair – August 8

They spoke a lot about the Columbus Crafty Cotillion which, again, I had never heard of. (Apparently I live under a rock.)

The Columbus Crafty Cotillion is a collective of artists, crafters, and designers in the Columbus, Ohio area. We have monthly meet-ups, social events, craft swaps, and email discussions. We are an inclusive group with no membership dues and new members are always welcome!

I will definitely have to check out one of the monthly meet-ups when I get my Etsy shop off the ground. Our local community of crafters is pretty impressive.

Sunday, November 16, 2008, 6:52 pm
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I’ve decided that this year for my Christmas shopping I am going indie. I am pledging that all the gifts I purchase for my loved ones will be obtained from independent shops, not chains. I’ll be looking to places like Etsy and local Columbus retailers in addition to making things by hand myself. There’s not really a deep-seeded reason behind this other than wanting to support small, local businesses as well as DIY-ers who are trying to make a living, especially in this crappy economy.

There’s a great website called Buy Handmade where you can sign your name pledging to only purchase handmade items and requesting others to do the same for you over the holidays. I would love to sign this; however, in good conscience, I don’t think I can totally commit to ALL handmade items (I do have men to shop for and I feel that can be a bit more challenging). But I still think it’s a great idea so if you want to make the pledge yourself, you should check it out. Plus you get to put this cute little banner on your site.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Thursday, August 14, 2008, 6:46 pm
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This Saturday, 8/16 from noon to seven, is the 4th annual Craftin’ Outlaws event at BOMA. I’ve never attended but am pretty psyched to go for the first time and be enticed by some indie design goods.

Craftin' Outlaws 2008

Craftin' Outlaws 2008

I’m even more intrigued by the idea of a Craft Corner Death Match:

An opportunity for crafters to go head to head to battle it out for fabulous prizes and the title of ‘Crafter of Steel’! It’s teams of two crafting one project in 10 minutes full of trash talk & frenzied crafting. Open to all!

I’m half-tempted to enter, but 10 minutes is a lot of pressure. I’d need at least 15 to fashion something out of felt.