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Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 8:37 pm
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I’ve been meaning to share pictures of some murals I’ve done. The first one was completed a couple weeks ago while the other two have been done for over a year now.

First up, the tree for Christina’s little man’s room. This had been on the list for some time and Christina and I knocked it out over a couple of weekends. She did the lion’s share of the painting after I sketched it out. It’s based on this wall decal from Ferm Living; however, Christina wanted the branches to look slightly more organic and with more leaves so I made some changes.


For all of these murals, I first designed them on my computer in InDesign or Illustrator. That way I could figure out the scale of each on the wall. Next, I made a grid on top of the design as well as a grid out of string on the actual wall. To scale it, you would just figure out your equivalent measurements (i.e., 1 inch = 1 foot). If you tackle one square at a time, it is relatively easy to sketch the design from your printout on to the wall. Obviously, this is easier with shapes that are more organic so that if you do mess up, you can improvise off the cuff.


Here’s the finished product:



She bought a white paint marker and plans on making the trunk into a growth chart for Nathan. So cute! Check out the rest of Christina’s tour of Nate’s room here. She’s got some great ideas (my favorite is using mason jars as frames).

These next two murals are ones I did in the front room of my apartment.

First up, the tree:


I came across this amazing photo on Flickr and thought it would look awesome silhouetted. I did take some artistic license with the bird feeder and did more of a lantern.


The greatest thing about these is that it’s a great low-cost option for making your room truly unique. Other than my time, these projects involved purchasing one tube of acrylic paint. Much better than spending hundreds of dollars on wall decals or wallpaper (not that I don’t love those things).