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Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 10:10 pm
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Today is my third day without power and instead of being completely irritated (because I know there are people in TX much worse off) I’m trying to stay positive…and busy.

So I bring you a list of activities (with very poorly lit photo documentation) that can be done by candlelight.

1. Re-heat your leftover quesadilla using a piece of foil, a cookie rack, and some tealights. This actually worked great.

2. Turn on your laptop and run iTunes until your battery dies. Dancing is allowed.

3. Fill out and address the (late) birthday card for your brother-in-law.

4. Play with the Beckster.

5. Give yourself a below average pedicure. We’ll see how this actually came out in the light of day tomorrow.

6. Reading is out but perusing some catalogs isn’t too harsh on the eyes…just watch the flames around all that paper. (Hello, Fossil & Anthro, lovahs)

7. Consider this year’s Halloween costume choice for Beck. Don’t you think he’d make a great Darth?

8. Pick up the knitting project you’ve neglected for over a year that has turned into part of your living room decor.

9. If still enough juice on the laptop, update “to do” and “ideas for posts” stickies. Then grumble to yourself over the number of posts you could have done if you had power the past three days. Oh wait, Texans.

10. Write out this post on paper first so you don’t waste too much phone battery. Nerd!!!

Can anyone tell I’m bored? I’m actually getting 8 hours of sleep lately which I suppose is good; but I’d take Project Runway, Justin Bobby, and my RSS feeds over some extra shut-eye any day. I promise more normal, less dorky, posts will return when my electricity does.

Monday, September 15, 2008, 10:28 pm
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My power has been out for 30 hours (the after effects of Ike) and I have no idea when it will be restored. Some are saying sometime tomorrow, others say a week. Will post again when it’s back on. So bored!