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Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 10:52 pm
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Todd Selby (at The Selby) photographs people with amazing spaces in major cities, including Brooklyn, Manhattan and Los Angeles. And if you ask me, the people seem pretty amazing (and unique) themselves.

I love everything about these photos. From Selby’s photography style, to the environments that are documented, to the lifestyles they represent. I could make a wicked mood board using all of his pictures.

As you can see from the bazillion photos I’m posting, I had a hard time editing down my favorites (although the majority of my picks came from Cheri & David’s place in Soho and Fanny & Bill’s place in Brooklyn).

I seem to have an affinity for photos with sewing materials in them (shocking, no?).

These are just a small fraction of what’s on the site. Another great procrastination tool! Thanks to Made By Girl for originally posting about The Selby.